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NaturCroq Lachs & Reis

การผสมผสานกันอย่างลงตัวของเนื้อปลาแซลมอนรสเลิศและข้าวที่ย่อยง่าย เหมาะสำหรับสุนัขโตทุกสายพันธุ์ รวมไปถึงสุนัขที่แพ้ง่าย

NaturCroq Puppy

For puppies of all breeds from 4 weeks{30/14}. Balance supply of nutrients. High-quality proteins.

NaturCroq Rind&Reis (Beef & Rice)

For adult dogs with normal requirements {22/9}. High quality proteins. Healthy whole grains. Notritious green herbs.

NaturCroq Lamm&Reis (Lamb & Rice)

For adult dogs with normal requirements{22/9}. Also for sensitive dogs. Healthy hole grains.

NaturCroq Balance

For fully-grow dogs with a normal to slightly increased energy requirment {23/10}. Crpquette mix with planty of variety. With yeast and cottage cheese

NaturCroq Active

For adult dogs with increased energy requirment {24/18}. For agility, sport and play. With valuable vegetable oils. Nutritious proteins.

NaturCroq Senior

For all senior dogs {21/8}. With reduced protein, sodium and phosphorus content. With stable vitamin C.

NaturSnack Rind&Dinkel (Beef & Spelt Snack)

Tasty reward. Made from high-quality domestic ingredients.

NaturSnack Mini Truthahn (Turkey Mini Snack)

Extra-small snack. Ideal when you are out and about and for all small bredd gourmets.

NaturSnack Lamm&Reis (Lamb & Rice Snack)

Very easily digestible. Also for sensitive dogs.

Knabberknochen (Bone Chews)

For regular dental care. With vegetable roughage for problem-free dental care and rewards.

Pansen-Ecke (Rumen-Wedges)

For regular care of teeth. With high-quality rumen. For demanding dogs.

Flocken Vollkost (Classic Flakes)

Complete food for especially sensitive dogs. Highly digestible finely ground flakes plus valuable animal protein. Also suitable for use as a mash for feeding to puppies over 4 weeks